Sociologický časopis
Czech sociological review


Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 3/2016

English issue



Josef Bernard, Jiří Šafr:
Incumbency in Multi-Level Political Systems and Recruitment Advantage: The Case of the Czech Regional Assemblies [267]

Tomáš Katrňák, Lucia Tyrychtrová:
Social Determinants of Suicides in the Czech Republic between 1995 and 2010 [293]

Malina Voicu, Bogdan Voicu:
Civic Participation and Gender Beliefs: An Analysis of 46 Countries [321]

Kateřina Zábrodská, Jiří Mudrák, Petr Květon, Marek Blatný, Kateřina Machovcová, Iva Šolcová:
Keeping Marketisation at Bay: The Quality of Academic Worklife in Czech Universities [347]

Petr Fučík:
Where Are The Effects of Family Structure? The Educational Level, Current Partnership and Income Level of the Czech Adult Population Socialised in Single-Parent Families [375]

Special Forum: An Open Letter to the ESA

Tereza Stöckelová:
Sociological Imagination for Future ESA Conferences [403]

Tomáš Bek, Petr Kubala, Terezie Lokšová:
‘Conference Business’ as Usual? An Open Letter to the ESA [405]

Tomáš Kostelecký:
A Reaction to the Open Letter to the ESA from the Chair of the Local Organisational Committee [409]

Tiziana Nazio:
Some Thoughts on the Open Letter [416]

Mark Featherstone:
The Politics of the Academic Agora [423]

Akosua Adomako Ampofo:
An Open Letter to the ESA: A Response [428]

John Holmwood:
Business as Usual and More: A Response to Tomáš Bek, Petr Kubala and Terezie Lokšová and a Modest Proposal [432]

Frank Welz:
The European Sociology We Want [435]

Laura Horn:
Enlisting the ESA—Towards Better Conferences [441]

Conference Report

Ludmiła Władyniak:
‘Mobility and Migration: A Crisis for Europe’s Citizens?’: A Workshop Held on 21–23 January 2016, Bologna, Italy [447]

Book Reviews

Romana Careja:
Claus Offe: Europe Entrapped [451]

Sergiu Delcea:
Daniel Beland and Klaus Petersen (eds.): Analysing Social Policy Concepts and Language: Comparative and Transnational Perspectives [453]

Liudvika Leišytė:
Marius B. Busemeyer: Skills and Inequality: Partisan Politics and the Political Economy of Education Reforms in Western Welfare States [456]

Luis Moreno:
Armin Schäfer and Wolfgang Streeck (eds.): Politics in the Age of Austerity [458]

Alexandre Afonso:
Carsten Jensen: The Right and the Welfare State [461]

Tomáš Sirovátka:
Marek Rymsza (ed.): Toward Active Welfare. The Development of Social Work and Community Work in Poland and Europe [464]

Nikolina Židek, Carmen González-Enríquez:
Michael Bernhard and Jan Kubik (eds.): Twenty Years after Communism: The Politics of Memory and Commemoration [468]

Natalie Forster:
Jelena Ĉvorović: The Roma: A Balkan Underclass [470]

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