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Review Process

Review Process

Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review (SC/CSR) is a peer-reviewed academic journal. The editors consider the review process to be key to ensuring the quality of the journal and maintaining high standards for published work and the process is set up to be as objective, quick, and practical as possible.

How the review process works
Each paper submitted to SC/CSR is sent to two or more reviewers. A double-blind review process ensures anonymity is maintained between the authors and the reviewers.

The Editor-in-Chief has the right to reject a submission prior to review if it does not fulfil the basic standards required for the publication of an academic text, if it clearly lies outside the field of sociology or related social sciences, or if it addresses a subject so narrow (geographically or in terms of research focus) that publication in a specialist journal is recommended instead. The Editor-in-Chief has the right to recommend linguistic, formal, and content modifications to the manuscript prior to its submission for review.

The Editor-in-Chief, in collaboration with the Associate Editor, selects reviewers who specialise in the subject the manuscript addresses. She also ensures that the author and reviewers have no close employment, institutional or personal ties. The reviewers indicate in their report whether the article is recommended for publication, recommended for publication after minor revisions, recommended for substantial revision and subsequent resubmission, or recommended for rejection. The reviewers substantiate their decisions in the reviewer report, where they may also make suggestions for modifications to the text.

On the basis of comments from reviewers the Editor-in-Chief or the Associate Editor communicates to the author whether the manuscript has been accepted, requires minor or major revisions, or has been rejected. If the manuscript requires revisions or has been rejected, the author is informed of the primary reasons for this. The final decision on the acceptance or rejection of manuscripts is made by the Editor-in-Chief.

If the opinions of the reviewers are not in agreement even after the revised manuscript has been reviewed, the Editor-in-Chief either appeals to another reviewer or submits the manuscript to the Editorial Board for a final decision.

Should the author feel that any or all of the recommendations from the reviewers are invalid, the author may submit objections to the Editor-in-Chief. If the author and the Editor-in-Chief disagree over the manuscript, the author may set forth his/her reasons for disagreeing with the editorial decision in a letter to the Editorial Board (which is to be sent to the journal’s official e-mail address).

Length of the review process
The review process typically takes twelve weeks, beginning from the date on which a version of the manuscript deemed acceptable for review is received at the journal’s official email address. The journal makes every effort to ensure that the twelve-week review period is adhered to, but takes no responsibility for delays caused by the reviewers.

Confirmation of acceptance for publication
The editorial office of the SC/CSR shall provide the author with confirmation of receipt of a submission by e-mail within one week of the day of submission. Where required for official purposes, confirmation of the acceptance of a manuscript for publication is provided only upon request.

The publisher does not charge any submission or article processing fees.

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