Sociologický časopis
Czech sociological review


Sociologický časopis 4/1995

Czech issue



Miloš Havelka:
Introduction [419]


Libor Musil:
Status Solidarity and Czech Social Policy [423]

Jan Vláčil:
Professional and Socio-Political Orientations of Czech Managers [435]

Helena Hudečková:
Privatization in Agriculture and Rural Regeneration [449]


Bedřich Loewenstein:
A Manifesto of Non-Political Politics. The ”Czech Question” after 45 years [463]

Czech sociologists aboard

Ota Ulč:
Profile and Motivation of Czechoslovak Refugees in the 1980’s [473]

From empiric surveys

Irena Hradecká:
Workers, Industrial Relations and Social Politics: General Orientations and Attitudes [485]

Alena Nedomová:
In the Proximity of Borders. An Identification of the population which settled after the Second World War in the Czech border regions with its contemporary place of living, based on the examples of Český Krumlov and Teplice [501]

Jiří Musil:
In memoriam Ernest Gellner [517]


Petr Matějů:
Was it necessary to use half truth and personal invectives? [521]

Petr Matějů:
If is not reason to the quandary, then certainly to deep scepticism [523]


Jan Sedláček:
Georg Simmel and the Principles of Its Sociology [527]

Radim Marada:
Johann P. Arnason: The Future that Failed. Origins and Destinies of the Soviet Model [530]

Zdeněk Pavlík:
Journal ”Historical Demography" volumes 17 and 18 [533]


Jiří Buriánek:
Conference of the Masaryk Czech Sociological Association ”Transformation of Czech Society,” November 17 and 18, 1995 [537]

Jiří Buriánek:
General Assembly of the Masarykk Czech Sociological Association, November 17, 1995 [539]

Pavla Horská:
Conference to Centennial Anniversary of the publishing of ”Principles of Sociological Method” by Emile Durkheim [539]

Jaroslav Kapr:
International Conference Media 95. Experience and Expectations Five Years After [540]

Zdenka Mansfeldová:
Problems of Europeisation of Region [541]

Pavla Horská:
Fifty years of contacts between Demography and other Sciences on Human being and Society [542]

Klára Vlachová:
28th Summer School on Analysis and Collating of Data in the Social Sciences in the University of Essex [544]

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