Sociologický časopis
Czech sociological review


Sociologický časopis 2/1994

Czech issue



Jiří Buriánek:
Introduction to the issue ”The Transformation As a Social Anomie” [131]


Jan Sedláček:
The Concept of Anomie within Durkheim’s Sociology [135]

Vladimír Müller:
The Normative Basis of Modern Society from the Perspective of Post-Modern Criticism [147]

Uwe Ewald:
Violence – an Identity Problem? [157]

Alena Marešová, Miroslav Scheinost:
The Current State of Delinquency in the Czech Republic [167]

Jitka Havlová:
Enterprise As a Vocation? [179]

Overview essay

Jiří Šubrt:
Norbert Elias’ Theory of Civilisation [191]

From sociological surveys

Jiří Buriánek:
People’s Reflections on Criminological Aspects of the Social Environment in Prague [201]

Student writings

Helena Cmíralová:
The Responses of the American Sociologists to Work of Émile Durkheim [215]

Zora Valanská:
The Culture of the National Geographic Society and its Photographic Section [219]


Jan Sedláček:
Max Weber’s Insights and Errors [235]

Robert Nisbet:
Conservatism: Dream and Reality [240]

Vladimír Müller:
Zygmunt Bauman: Intimations of Postmodernity [244]

News and informations

Jiří Buriánek:
tudy of Sociology on the Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University – recent state and perspective [249]

Aleš Kabátek, Jitka Havlová:
Is it Concern in Sociological Education? [250]

Ivana Mazálková:
Industrial Relations on Department of Sociology of the Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University [256]

Jiří Šubrt:
Symposion Hannah Arendt [257]

Jiří Šubrt:
Social Science Record Office in Konstanz and its contribution for re-construction of theory of social action [258]


Jan Řehák:
Annotation: Developer’s Kit – fully new feasibilities for using SPSS for Windows [263]

Jan Řehák:
Information: Academic License of SPSS looks up their continuators [264]

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