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Bob Kuřík, Ondřej Slačálek, Jan Charvát:
Dimensions of Politicisation in Research on Youth Music Subcultures [781]

Kuřík, Bob, Ondřej Slačálek, Jan Charvát. 2018. „Roviny politizace ve výzkumu hudebních subkultur mládeže.“ Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 54 (5): 781-804,

This review article elucidates and systematises existing research and theories of the de/politicisation of youth music subcultures. It examines the political dimension within the interdisciplinary field of subcultural studies in two main steps. First, it identifies and discusses five key dimensions of researching politicisation: politicisation through style and how style is read and through repressive power, the politicisation of everyday life and internal dynamics, and politicisation in the direction of organised activity. Second, these dimensions are presented and compared in a summarising table from two main perspectives: according to the research focus and according to the dynamics of de/politicisation being observed. The article also briefly outlines several possible directions of future research on the politicisation of youth music subcultures.

Keywords: political dimension, youth music subcultures, research and theories of de/politicization, subcultural studies, subcultural style, repressive power, everyday life, internal dynamics, organised activity

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