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Dana Hamplová, Romana Trusinová:
Conflict in the Family of Origin, Subjective Wellbeing, and Mental Health in Adulthood [199]

Hamplová, Dana, Romana Trusinová. 2018. „Konflikty v rodině původu, osobní pohoda a duševní zdraví v dospělosti.“ Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 54 (2): 199-218,

The article explores the relationship between conflict in the family of origin and an individual’s wellbeing in adulthood. It examines to what extent the negative effects of a childhood spent in a conflict-ridden family can be explained by economic deprivation in childhood, a disrupted life course, and a person’s sociodemographic situation in adulthood. Empirical analyses are conducted on data from the 7th wave of the ESS from 2014 and three indicators of personal wellbeing are used: a depression scale, self-reported happiness, and life satisfaction. The analyses show that spending childhood in a conflict-ridden family affects mainly the emotional side of personal wellbeing (happiness, depressive symptoms). The relationship between the cognitive side of personal wellbeing (satisfaction with life) and a high-conflict environment in childhood can be explained by sociodemographic factors.

Keywords: personal wellbeing, depression, childhood, family of origin

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