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Irena Kašparová:
Home Schooling as an Expression of Cultural Creativism [79]

Kašparová, Irena. 2017. „Domácí vzdělávání jako výraz kulturního kreativismu.“ Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 53 (1): 79-100,

The article reflects on whether and when it is possible to see home schooling as a reflection of cultural creativism as defined by Ray and Anderson. The heterogeneous nature of home schooling is explored here through the theoretical frame of the anthropology of education, with a more narrow focus on different parental ethnotheories (Harkness and Super) and the theory of capital (Bourdieu). Set against primary research, represented by two case studies, the article shows how families that practise home schooling enter the game of capital, how they justify their decisions, and how they negotiate their difference. Based on personal practice these families contribute to the overall transformation of the field of education. Given that they do so not from the position of a lobbyist or a movement leader but from a position where they are convinced of their ideological and action isolation, the author concludes that it is possible to consider here a parallel with cultural creativism.

Keywords: home schooling, anthropology of education, ethnotheory, cultural creatives

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