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Natalie Simonová, Dana Hamplová:
Adult Education in the Czech Republic: Who Pursues It and What Are the Outcomes? [3]

Simonová, Natalie, Dana Hamplová. 2016. „Další vzdělávání dospělých v České republice – kdo se ho účastní a s jakými důsledky?.“ Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 52 (1): 3-26,

The article focuses on adult education in the Czech Republic. It begins by defining the institutional context of adult education in the country. Three institutional characteristics are of particular interest in this respect: returns to education, the current level of education of the adult population (and the related demand for adult education), and institutions offering adult education. Using the LFS and AES surveys, the authors find that it is primarily young and educated persons who pursue adult education. With respect to the returns to adult education, the results show that adult education does not protect against downward mobility but does increase the odds of upward mobility. The positive effect of adult education on upward mobility is more pronounced among women than men.

Keywords: adult education, participation in education, occupational prestige, survival analysis, Czech Republic

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