Sociologický časopis
Czech sociological review


Sociologický časopis 2/1993

Czech issue


Jiří Večerník:
Introduction [147]


Zsuzsa Ferge:
Social change in Eastern Europe – Social citizenship in the new democracies [149]

Georg Vobruba:
Transnational social policy within transformation processes [167]

Jiří Večerník:
The formation of the new social regulation in the Czech Republic [181]

Zdeněk Konopásek:
Two kinds of universality within institutional schemes of the welfare state (Not all mixes are alike) [203]

From sociological surveys

Pavel Machonin:
Social Identification of Poor and Menaced by Poverty in Czechoslovakia in 1991 [225]

Jana Vítečková, Lumír Gatnar:
Time Use of Zero Generation of Small Business Owners [240]


Blanka Řeháková:
Stanley Lieberson: Making It Count. The Improvement of Social Research and Theory [253]

Vladimír Soják:
Johann Kenneth Galbraith: The Culture of Contentment [255]

Jan Sedláček:
Dilemmas of historiography of ideas and other essays and studies [258]

News and informations

Jiří Kleibl, Zuzana Dvořáková:
Cafeteria System” as a new way of individualised giving social treats to firm workers [263]

Marcia Greenberg:
Research of unemployment in Central Europe [267]

Oto Sedláček:
Research Institute of Labour and Social Affairs] [269]

Claire Wallace:
Přechod k čemu? [270]

Jiří Večerník:
Foundation START for social transformation research [272]

Jitka Havlová:
Problems of economics in transformation [274]

Vladimír Pernica:
Conference ”Management of social processes and state and local administration” [276]

Michal Illner:
Colloquium on social securities in Eastern and Central Europe [277]


Jan Řehák:
Anotations [279]

Jan Řehák:
Consultation [280]

Jan Řehák:
Info [281]


Jaromír Nečas:
Social Institute of the Czechoslovak Republic [283]

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