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Hana Librová:
Individualisation from an Environmental Perspective: How Sociological Framing Alters Outlooks and Generates Questions [125]

Librová, Hana. 2010. „Individualizace v environmentální perspektivě: sociologické rámování mění pohled a plodí otázky.“ Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 46 (1): 125-152

Abstract: This article inquires into the connection between individualisation and environmental issues. Following an introduction to the topic in the opening of the article in chapters II and III the author provides a definition of some basic concepts and asks whether and how the relationship between individualisation and environmental issues is reflected in sociological literature. In chapter IV the author formulates a general framework that in chapter V gives insight into the inconsistent conception of individualisation in environmental ideologies. The article closes with chapter VI, in which, with the aid of a theoretical sociological framework, the author formulates some themes for studying the environmental aspects of the individualised lifestyle.

Keywords: individualisation, environmental ideology, way of life, reintegration.

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