Sociologický časopis
Czech sociological review


Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 6/2009

English issue



Pat Lyons, Tomáš Lacina:
An Examination of Legislative Roll-Call Voting in the Czech Republic Using Spatial Models [1155]

Tomáš Kostelecký, Jana Vobecká:
Housing Affordability in Czech Regions and Demographic Behaviour – Does Housing Affordability Impact Fertility? [1191]

Olga Nešporová, Zdeněk R. Nešpor:
Religion: An Unsolved Problem for the Modern Czech Nation [1215]

Zdenka Šadl:
‘We Women Are No Good at It’: Networking in Academia [1239]

Michal Franta, Tomáš Konečný:
Stochastic Frontier Analysis of the Efficiency of Czech Grammar Schools [1265]

Věra Kuchařová:
Work-life Balance: Societal and Private Influences [1283]


Richard Rose:
János Kornai: By Force of Thought: Irregular Memoirs of an Intellectual Journey [1311]

John A. Vincent:
Achim Goerres: The Political Participation of Older People in Europe: The Greying of Our Democracies [1312]

Tim Goedemé:
Tomasz Inglot: Welfare States in East Central Europe, 1919–2004 [1316]

Seán Hanley:
Tomila V. Lankina and Anneke Hudalla, with Hellman Wollmann: Local Governance in Central and Eastern Europe: Comparing Performance in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Russia [1318]

Simon Smith:
Martin Horak: Governing the Post-Communist City. Institutions and Democratic Development in Prague [1322]

Alice Szczepaniková:
Melissa Feinberg: Elusive Equality: Gender, Citizenship, and the Limits of Democracy in Czechoslovakia, 1918–1950 [1326]

Eszter Zólyomi:
Irena Kogan, Michael Gebel and Clemens Noelke: Europe Enlarged: A Handbook of Education, Labour and Welfare Regimes in Central and Eastern Europe [1329]

Jan Fidrmuc:
Joseph D. Lewandowski and Milan Znoj (eds.): Trust and Transitions: Social Capital in a Changing World [1331]

Frédérique R. Hoffmann:
V. Burau, H. Theobald and R. H. Blank: Governing Home Care – A Cross-National Comparison, Globalization and Welfare [1334]

Marian Gorynia, Katarzyna Blanke-Ławniczak:
Jan Drahokoupil: Globalization and the State in Central and Eastern Europe. The Politics of Foreign Direct Investment [1336]

Márton Medgyesi:
Manuela Sofia Stănculescu and Tine Stanovnik (eds.): Activity, Incomes and Social Welfare [1339]

Umut Korkut:
Georgina Waylen: Engendering Transitions: Women’s Mobilization, Institutions, and Gender Outcomes [1342]

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