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Pavel Horák, Markéta Horáková:
Street-level Bureaucrats and Their Role in Public Policy [369]

Horák, Pavel, Markéta Horáková. 2009. „Role liniových pracovníků ve veřejné politice.“ Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 45 (2): 369-396

Abstract: This article puts forward the concept of street-level bureaucrats and their role in public policy in its full complexity. In the first two parts the authors define street-level bureaucrats and the roots of the basic ideologies that determine their behaviour (principles of bureaucracy, professionalism, bureau-professionalism and managerialism). They draw on previous analytical studies they conducted on this theme and present the latest empirical findings on the behavior of street-level bureaucrats who work with unemployed people. In this way they try to demonstrate the importance of principles of bureaucracy, professionalism, and bureau-professionalism in contemporary public policy.

Keywords: street-level bureaucracy, public policy, bureaucracy, professionalism, bureau-professionalism, managerialism, Czech Republic.

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