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Lenka Slepičková, Petr Fučík:
The Social Context of Attitudes towards Various Infertility Strategies [267]

Slepičková, Lenka, Petr Fučík. 2009. „Sociální kontext postojů k řešení neplodnosti .“ Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 45 (2): 267-290

Abstract: Infertility is a problem that affects around 15% of Czech couples of reproductive age. Using data from the survey ‘Marriage, Work, Family’ the objective of this analysis is to identify the attitudes that Czech men and women maintain towards various strategies for overcoming infertility (adoption, different forms of assisted reproduction) and the factors that infl uence and shape these attitudes. The first part of the analysis looks for the determinants behind attitudes towards adoption and assisted reproduction in the respondent’s external characteristics. For example, education and religion were found to have a signifi cant influence. More educated respondents are more open to methods of assisted reproduction; religious respondents are more open to adoption. In terms of inner determinants (the respondent’s attitude patterns) the authors, building on the preference theory proposed by Catherine Hakim, found a preference effect among women. The findings are seemingly paradoxical: of three groups of women (work-centred, home-centred, and adaptive) it is work-centred women (and the partners of work-centred women) who are most likely to take various infertility strategies into consideration. The third part of the analysis – an analysis of the external determinants of attitudes towards infertility strategies – revealed that in some cases attitudes are influenced by the characteristics of the partner more than by the respondent’s own characteristics – in particular, the woman’s attitudes are shaped more by the characteristics of her partner than by her own characteristics.

Keywords: infertility, solutions to infertility, adoption, assisted reproduction, parenthood, Czech Republic.

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