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Hynek Jeřábek:
Family Care for Seniors as a ‘Labour of Love’ – New Arguments [243]

Jeřábek, Hynek. 2009. „Rodinná péče o seniory jako „práce z lásky“: nové argumenty.“ Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 45 (2): 243-266

Abstract: This paper is based on a survey among 435 Czech households caring for a dependent senior in the family to inquire into the conditions and circumstances of caring for seniors in the family. The concept of ‘care as a labour of love’ (Graham) is contrasted with the concept of the ‘defamilisation of care’ (Glenn) and ‘social rights for elderly care’ (Fine). The author finds that more demanding family care, measured as the level of IADL or BADL, is reflected in a growing number of hours spent on family care. The author shows the significant differences in the psychological and financial burden experienced by primary caregivers in relation to how demanding the level of care required is. The article presents evidence of the existence of ‘collective family care’ in situations where demanding personal care for a senior is required. The participation of other family members in providing care for a senior in situations of demanding personal care demonstrates some features of family cohesion.

Keywords: BADL, IADL, family care, seniors, family solidarity, social cohesion, Czech Republic.

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