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Czech sociological review


Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 6/2008

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István György Tóth:
The Demand for Redistribution: A Test on Hungarian Data [1063]

Alfio Cerami:
New Social Risks in Central and Eastern Europe: The Need for a New Empowering Politics of the Welfare State [1089]

Hana Librová:
The Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle: Simple or Complicated? [1111]

Sylke Nissen:
Urban Transformation: From Public and Private Space to Spaces of Hybrid Character [1129]


Pieter Vanhuysse:
Introduction: Advances in the Study of Post-Communist States and Public Administrations [1151]

Seán Hanley:
Re-stating Party Development in Central and Eastern Europe? [1155]

Anna Grzymała-Busse:
Re-stating Party Development in Central and Eastern Europe: A Response [1177]

Conor O’Dwyer:
Re-stating Party Development in Central and Eastern Europe: A Response. [1181]

Scott Gehlbach:
What Is a Big Bureaucracy? Reflections on ‘Rebuilding Leviathan’ and ‘Runaway State-building’ [1189]


Herbert Gintis:
Behavioural Economics for Sociological Purposes Richard H. Thaler – Cass R. Sunstein: Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness [1199]

Sandy Ross:
George Loewenstein: Exotic Preferences: Behavioural Economics and Human Motivation [1200]

Clara Sabbagh:
Joseph Henrich – Robert Boyd – Samuel Bowles – Colin Camerer – Ernst Fehr – Herbert Gintis (eds.): Foundations of Human Sociality: Economic Experiments and Ethnographic Evidence from Fifteen Small-Scale Societies [1205]

Jan Sauermann:
Herbert Gintis – Samuel Bowles – Robert Boyd – Ernst Fehr (eds.): Moral Sentiments and Material Interests. The Foundations of Cooperation in Economic Life [1208]

Regular Reviews

Zygmunt Bauman:
Claus Offe: Reflections on America: Tocqueville, Weber and Adorno in the United States [1212]

Anna Skarpelis:
Frances McCall Rosenbluth (ed.): The Political Economy of Japan’s Low Fertility [1215]

Orsolya Lelkes:
István György Tóth (ed.): Tárki European Social Report [1220]

Sharon Shiovitz-Ezra:
Jenny Billings – Kai Leichsenring (eds.): Integrating Health and Social Care Services for Older Persons: Evidence from Nine European Countries [1222]

Jan Drahokoupil:
Nina Bandelj: From Communists to Foreign Capitalists: The Social Foundations of Foreign Direct Investment in Postsocialist Europe [1224]

Piotr Jaworski:
Joachim Becker – Rudy Weissenbacher (eds.): Dollarization, Euroization and Financial Instability. Central and Eastern European Countries between Stagnation and Financial Crisis? [1228]

Hana Librová:
Katrina Z. S. Schwartz: Nature and National Identity after Communism: Globalizing the Ethnoscape [1230]

Michala Chatrná:
Sylvia Hood Washington – Paul C. Rosier – Heather Goodall (eds.): Echoes from the Poisoned Well: Global Memories of Environmental Injustice [1234]


Irena Reifová:
It Has Happened Before, It Will Happen Again’: The Third Golden Age of Television Fiction [1237]

Natalie Simonová:
The International Symposium on Advanced Lazarsfeldian Methodology in Prague: 19–20 September 2008 [1239]

Reviewers of Articles in 2008 [1241]

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