Sociologický časopis
Czech sociological review


Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 6/2005

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Obsah čísla

Hana Hašková:
Editorial [976]


Sara Clavero and Yvonne Galligan:
‘A Job in Politics Is Not for Women’: Analysing Barriers to Women’s Political Representation in CEE [979]

Alexandra Bitušíková:
(In)Visible Women in Political Life in Slovakia [1005]

Barbara Einhorn:
Citizenship in an Enlarging Europe: Contested Strategies [1023]

Meilute Taljunaite:
Gender Mainstreaming as a Strategy for Promoting Gender Equality in Lithuania [1041]

Małgorzata Fuszara:
Between Feminism and the Catholic Church: The Women’s Movement in Poland [1057]

Hana Hašková:
Czech Women’s Civic Organising under the State Socialist Regime, Socio-economic Transformation and the EU Accession Period [1077]


Kinga Lohmann:
The Impact of EU Enlargement on the Civic Participation of Women in Central and Eastern Europe – The Perspective of the Karat Coalition [1111]


Zuzana Uhde:
Nancy Fraser: Justice Interruptus: Critical Reflexions on the ‘Postsocialist’ Condition [1118]

Karen Kapusta-Pofahl:
Jacqui True: Gender, Globalization and Postsocialism: The Czech Republic after Communism [1121]

Sara Clavero:
Milada Anna Vachudova: Europe Undivided: Democracy, Leverage, and Integration after Communism [1124]

Veena Srinivasa:
Yvonne Galligan – Manon Tremblay (eds.): Sharing Power: Women, Parliament and Democracy [1125]


Dagmar Lorenz-Meyer:
The Enwise Valorisation Conference: Enlarging Europe with/for Women Scientists [1129]

Selma Muhić Dizdarević:
Report on the 10th Metropolis Conference [1133]

Alena Křížková:
The Political Space for Women's Agency in the Framework of EU Eastern Enlargement [1137]

Marcela Linková:
Women Scientists Discuss How They Navigate through the Labyrinth of Science [1140]

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