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Pavel Maškarinec, Daniel Klimovský, Stanislava Danišová:
Politická reprezentace žen na pozicích starostek v Česku a na Slovensku v letech 2006–2014: Srovnávací analýza faktorů úspěšnosti [529]

Maškarinec, Pavel, Daniel Klimovský, Stanislava Danišová. 2018. „Politická reprezentace žen na pozicích starostek v Česku a na Slovensku v letech 2006–2014: Srovnávací analýza faktorů úspěšnosti.“ Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 54 (4): 529-560,

Main objective of this article is to analyse political determinants of the descriptive representation of women at the local level in communal elections (i.e. the position of mayor) in the Czech Republic and Slovakia over the past decade. It focuses on the political opportunity structure (i.e. the structure of relationships that affect social and political behaviour) and questions whether this structure affects also women’s political representation. It shows that women are significantly advantaged in municipalities where women have held a mayoral post in a previous electoral term. In contrast to other studies, previous women’s representation in a municipal council is here found to have only a limited effect. The strong negative effect of the direct election of mayors and the negative effect of municipal size (only in Slovakia) indicate that women’s representation as mayors may be the result of interdependent phenomena that are a combination of institutional structure (e.g. electoral procedure, the mayor’s powers) and political contextual factors (past experience with a female mayor – not necessarily incumbents). This finding challenges earlier studies and it shows that any effort to identify a clear list of determinants of women’s representation as mayors is a complex task, making it difficult to pursue a broader comparative study in a different institutional environment or a different political culture.

Keywords: local politics, local elections, women and politics, women’s representation, women mayors, Czech Republic, Slovakia

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