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Dušan Janák:
Autorská a tematická struktura Sociologické revue. Příspěvek k sociologickému rozboru dějin české sociologie [991]

Janák, Dušan. 2011. „Autorská a tematická struktura Sociologické revue. Příspěvek k sociologickému rozboru dějin české sociologie.“ Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 47 (5): 991-1016

Abstract: This article summarises the results of a content analysis of Sociologická revue (The Sociology Review), the main Czech journal of sociology during the interwar and immediate post-war periods (the journal was published in 1930–1940 and 1946–1949). It focuses primarily on the structure of authors and themes published in the journal, studied using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods of text analysis. Some of the most productive contributors to Sociologická revue were the important Czech sociologists I. A. Bláha, E. Chalupný and J. L. Fischer and from abroad P. Sorokin. In terms of thematic structure, the majority of texts published in Sociologická revue focused on domestic and foreign sociology. Another prominent theme was the nation and nation-related issues, with texts devoted to the analysis of German fascism, national liberation struggles, and Czech-Slovak national co-existence. Broad thematic areas included the somewhat interrelated topics of crisis, rural areas, work, and politics and democracy. Texts devoted to the theme of crisis tended to focus on the period of the Great Depression, but crisis was also examined in a much broader than just economic sense. The theme of rural areas underwent a transformation over time and particularly after the war was replaced by the theme of folk and folk culture. The issue of work encompassed two themes: the working class and unemployment.

Keywords: Sociologická revue, content analysis, Czech sociology, journals of sociology, structure of the authors, thematic structure.

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