Sociologický časopis
Czech sociological review


Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 3/2010

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Obsah čísla

Marek Skovajsa:
Editorial [346]


Martin Lux, Petr Sunega:
Private Rental Housing in the Czech Republic: Growth and…? [349]

Pat Lyons, Lukáš Linek:
Party System Nationalisation and Non-uniform Vote Switching. Evidence from the Czech Republic [375]

Tamás Keller:
Self-confidence and Earning Inequalities: A Test on Hungarian Data [401]

Jana Chaloupková:
The De-standardisation of Early Family Trajectories in the Czech Republic: A Cross-cohort Comparison [427]

Zuzana Podaná:
Reporting to the Police as a Response to Intimate Partner Violence [453]


Oliver Pamp:
Lane Kenworthy and Alexander Hicks (eds.): Method and Substance in Macrocomparative Analysis [475]

Jiří Přibáň:
Mathieu Deflem: Sociology of Law: Visions of a Scholarly Tradition [478]

Jay Ginn:
B. Marin and E. Zolyomi (eds.): Women’s Work and Pensions: What Is Good, What Is Best? [480]

Elaine Weiner:
Gillian Pascall and Anna Kwak: Gender Regimes in Transition in Central and Eastern Europe [482]

Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin:
Donald E. Heller and Madeleine B. d’Ambrosio (eds.): Generational Shockwaves and the Implications for Higher Education [485]

Umut Korkut:
Mitchell A. Orenstein, Stephen Bloom, and Nicole Lindstrom (eds.): Transnational Actors in Central and East European Transitions [486]

Hildegard Theobald:
Manfred Huber, Ricardo Rodrigues, Frederique Hoffmann, Katrin Gasior and Bernd Marin: Facts and Figures on Long-term Care in Europe and North America [488]

Tomáš Katrňák:
Hynek Jeřábek and Petr Soukup (eds.): Advanced Lazarsfeldian Methodology [491]

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